Updated: Mar 12, 2019

The fitness world is large and gets more and more confusing as time goes on. As a fitness professional it is my duty to make things easy, ever-changing, and revolutionary. How our bodies move is fully contingent on how often we move and in what ways. Repetitive exercise leads to lasting results. That's a fact. If you do not exercise or move often you will most likely gain weight. Thats a fact. The idea is not for you to boggle between the two extremes of coming off of the couch to juicing and exercising everyday. The idea is gradual engagement and lifestyle change. In order to do, a new approach new to be taken to fitness and health.

How do you decide what health looks like? it usually starts with your family and it seems over some time either an individual changes his/ her habits through hard work and dedication. Those people usually end up being the most successful.

Understanding where you fall short:

The biggest part of staying on track is figuring out what you actually struggle with. some clients struggle with working out, staying focuses, being accountable, or eating right. Some things are harder than others for whatever reason. If you have trouble finding the time, set an alarm. If you have no idea what to do, find some fitness pages to follow on social media, if you are having trouble staying on track, plan rewards based on your progression. Whatever your thing is figure it out and you'll be able to move forward from there.

Scheduling Time for success:

Time is the number one thing we cannot get back, so don't waste it! The time it takes to exercise is always up to you. Do not let anyone shame you for getting in a quick 30 minute workout when you can; That's all you need. The thing is we have made up in our minds that we don't in fact have the time to get all the amazing things we want to get done, done.

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