Awareness; the way to freedom

The mistake we all make is thinking that whatever we need to change our lives is somewhere out there; "I won't be happy until I', I wont be satisfied till etc. We decide that something else needs to be present for happiness to come along and sweep up up . There are moments whether long or frequent where you feel present, alive, and energized. That feeling might resemble the high you get from hitting a joint or the vibe from downing a bit of liquid courage. It’s all the same , its energy whether real or false.

Well why do we aid uncomfortable feelings with vices instead of facing them cold turkey?

in order to understand your feelings, being aware of them and what they might mean is a challenge for most people of all ages. So don't be so hard on yourself. It's a bit of a societal concept. In America, ( I can only speak for where I grew up) we grow up labeling things. Everything has a name, a place, and most times and expiration date whether stated or not. Lord forbid a dog live more than 10 years but whatever. Everything must have a label to be interpreted and understood by the human mind, right? Wrong. That is the human condition of comfort.

Labeling; what that does is it creates the perception of what we see before we can conceptualize it on our own. To be able to conceptualize things on your own would be what we referred to as a child as our imagination and now creativity.  The loss of imagination is what I believe plagues adults and most children today. Nowadays we forget to dream or we are encouraged not to. The day we stop believing in the said impossible, something we simply cannot lay our eyes we become dead, mindless humans. The concept of being alive means that you must dream and have what most religions call faith.

Faith in your beliefs that whatever you desire can and will happen. The only people who disrupt this belief are most adults and children who have been scorned by life already. 

The feelings of unworthiness and defeat keep people from sharing their most remarkable gifts from the world; all because of what someone might say.

I see talented people everyday who simply don’t harbor the confidence to be who they want to be and essentially in turn change the world. The level of scrutiny so high in a place where people are afraid to succeed. What a world. 

Working on ourselves should be the greatest most remarkable project we ever embark on. Therefore we should truly get to know ourselves without labeling ourselves so we can feel the essence of who we truly are. The essence lies in how we feel we are rather than how we think we are. That differentiation is the key to the concept of awareness. We will explore more of this in our next article about mental movement.

Love + Light,

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