Cardio Made Simple

Cardio is a form of exercise that everyone seems to hate but not quite understand. Cardio is simply about your heart; How fast is your heart able to circulate blood throughout your body in order to supply your organs with the oxygen it needs to function properly. You may be familiar with forms of cardio like running, biking, or other movements that elevate your heart rate for an extended period of time.

What are the benefits?

Stronger heart: Your heart is a muscle just like your bicep it needs exercise too!

Stronger circulatory system: Cardio allows your heart to circulate blood throughout the body without working so hard. Blood clots can form throughout the body if the circulatory is not healthy.

Healthier brain: Lack of cardio can cause less blood transportation to your brain. The less oxygen and nutrients that get to your brain, the faster it will age.

Helps depression: Cardio activities like running release endorphins that enhance your mood.

Weight loss: Cardio allows our body to burn more fat than other forms of exercise making it a safe haven for people who simply want to lose weight.

Confidence level: Confidence is KEY! Running, setting goals, and witnessing your improvement is sure to build confidence. Work your outside to improve your inside.

Understand !

Cardio is probably the most beneficial form of exercise the you can treat your body with. The heart is essential to life, why not protect it? Protecting your heart will allow you to steer clear of health issues like heart failure, heart attacks, blood clots and brain aneurysms. It's completely worth it!

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