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Performance specialist, health consultant and founder of Project Snatched; Drea graduated from Howard University earning a degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Cognition  and health education. With a holistic approach to nutrition, self-esteem coaching and personalized training regiments, she has become masterful with maximizing potential and client satisfaction.
Through Drea's guidance each client is encouraged to use mental strength to manifest physical results —to use their body as a tool of empowerment through movement and healthy living. With a results-focused, holistic approach to fitness and health, Drea incorporates exercises that are effective for all-ages and fitness levels. 

Understanding that exercise is not easy for everyone and access to a gym has its limitations, Drea creates an atmosphere that encourages clients to be forward-thinking by providing numerous options for training and fitness services.

If you have a body, you’re an athlete. Each workout is designed to motivate each individual to be empowered by the strength and determination they hold within.. Tapping into positive energy through exercise while building a community of healthy people is what Project Snatched is all about.

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